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NPC Netherlands Sport Classification System


9 July 2021
Version 3
A new version of the application was launched. This improves upon the stability and security due to changes made to the structure of the application. The application is also more intuitive because of improvements such as icon based menu navigation and responsive design.
20 April 2018
Version 2 launched
Today, a new version of the online NPC Netherlands Sport Classification System is launched. Apart from a more modern design and the sync feature with IPC SDMS and IBSA's ISAS, it is adopted to the new classification handbook.
1 July 2015
Update to Version 1.1 Completed
Today, a major update for this application has been successfully installed. Among others, most important features are related to the duplicate merging, download of classification cards, publication of a full user manual, and design of a classification master list widget for publication of classification data. For further references, please consult the SCS manual available at the upper right corner of this page.


Nederlands SCS

The NPC Netherlands Sports Classification System is specifically designed to support the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of the Netherlands and its national sport federations in the management of their national athletes across all sports with the main focus set on classification. [Read more...]

Current functionality implemented covers the registration of athletes and competition partners including biography, their classification history with up- and download of relevant documentation, plus extended reporting. As optional feature it also includes the automatic design of national classification cards according to the desired country-specific design. In addition, national officials (classifiers, technical officials) can be stored. The tools furthermore allows to additionally create more user accounts to share access and business with their national sport federation across the country, as well as grant access to their classifiers in preparation of upcoming national classification panels. [Read less...]